Japan thanks the world for their relief efforts.

Video about the eqrthquake in Japan.

People from the Tohoku area are expressing their thanks to all of the international aid that has helped them.


Japan launches spy satellite – Telegraph

Japan has launched an intelligence satellite to monitor North Korea’s military
movements and survey wide-spread disaster, such as tsunamis, when needed.


Woolly mammoth to be brought back to life from cloned bone marrow ‘within five years’

Scientists from Russia and Japan will launch fully-fledged joint research next year aiming to recreate the giant mammal after finding a thigh bone recovered from permafrost soil in Siberia.


Boeing’s new 787: Better late than never?

Boeing has finally delivered its new 787 Dreamliner to All Nippon Airways of Japan, more than three years after the firms initial agreed-upon delivery date.

Its tardiness shouldnt discount the fact that its a technological tour de force.
The 787 is made of composites rather than aluminum, which makes it far lighter than competitors. Thats good for a 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption. For a midsize plane “ it will most commonl


Plant hunters’ legacy help Japan’s threatened species

The British tradition of collecting plants from all four corners of the world means the UK is now home to many Japanese species which are under threat in their native land, a study reports.


Income inequality is bad for rich people too

Japan, which made a conscious decision to impose the costs of its post bubble hangover on all members of society to preserve stability, has gotten through its lost two decades with remarkable grace.

The US seems to be implementing the polar opposite playbook, and there are good reasons to think the outcome of this experiment will be ugly indeed.


VIDEO: Japanese boffins create singing robot mouth… for some reason

Created by researchers in Japan, the quite frankly freaky-looking device consists of a vocal tract, nasal cavity and motor-controlled vocal cords and is connected to a computer and air compcreate-singing-robot-mouth-for-some-reasonressor.


The NGP Could be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the PSP

You almost have to feel sorry for the PSP.

Overshadowed by the technically inferior DS, its biggest claim to fame for a long time was simply that it survived at all. Nintendo has a tendency of crushing its opponents in the handheld department. Then just when things were picking up, just when the Monster Hunter games were making it the must have handheld in Japan, Sony comes out and announces the NGP (I will not call it the Vita) and basically qua


iPhone Radiation Dock Will Help Japan Track Impacts of Nuclear Crisis

Photos by Nokton via Flickr CC Japan is still reeling from the nuclear radiation issues following the record-setting earthquake experienced last month.


Major Microchip Producer to Reopen Japanese Plant ahead of schedule

Although still recovering from Japan’s massive earthquake, the world’s largest automotive microchip producers says it is on pace to reopen its damaged plant ahead of schedule.


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