Filipino Traffic Cop Doing His Job Like A Boss

THIS IS BOSS !!!!!!!


Bain Capital, President Barack Obama and Jobs

Mitt Romney says that President Obama has been a job destroyer, while he was a job-creating businessman.

But those claims border on dishonesty.


Thor 2² Director Will Be Game Of Thrones Helmer Alan Taylor

EXCLUSIVE : Marvel Studios has found its Thor 2 director.

Im told that Marvel has set Alan Taylor, who was widely rumored to be on the short list to replace Patty Jenkins. Taylor is an accomplished TV director whose recent credits include Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Nurse Jackie , and he directed the feature Palookaville . Jenkins got the job but then fell out over differences with Marvel on the sequel.
This will put the film back on


High Tech Beer Cozy May Help You Keep Your Job [VIDEO]

How many times has this happened to you: youre at a party, or maybe a bar, just enjoying yourself and having a drink or four.

Then a friend of your friend whips out his camera and starts taking pictures.


Cops Fired For Supporting Marijuana Legalization; Lawsuits Filed

Maybe Frank Zappa was right to ask, “Who are the Brain Police?” Remarks from a Border Patrol agent expressing dissatisfaction with the Drug War – made on the job to a fellow agent, a few feet from the border – later resulted in the agent’s firing after his remarks were passed along to HQ.


The Rev. Madison Shockley: Jesus and the 99 Percent –

Upon serious reflection, the question emerges as to whether the Christian church has a message for OWS or whether the movement has a message for us.

Of course the answer is yes and yes. Occupy Wall Streets message to the church is, If you were doing your job we wouldnt be necessary. The message of the church to OWS is, There is an ally in the liberal progressive Christian community, and not all Christians are on the rig


The Colbert Report: Legalizing Dwarf Tossing Would Create Jobs [VIDEO]

“If people are willing to do a job, no matter how dangerous, pointless or dehumanizing it is the government has no business stopping them”


No Jobs? These Mexican Immigrants Made Their Own – Business – GOOD

In a wildly competitive job market, five female day laborers decided to take their financial fates into their own hands.


5 Movie Characters Who Were Wildly Unqualified for Their Job

5 Movie Characters Who Were Wildly Unqualified for Their Job


Intranet Development

Developing an intranet for your organization is much more than just a technical project.

Creating an internal portal is an exercise in the type of collaboration it is supposed to facilitate. This Project Guide will show you how to plan and launch an intranet that will get the job done.


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