Cops Fired For Supporting Marijuana Legalization; Lawsuits Filed

Maybe Frank Zappa was right to ask, “Who are the Brain Police?” Remarks from a Border Patrol agent expressing dissatisfaction with the Drug War – made on the job to a fellow agent, a few feet from the border – later resulted in the agent’s firing after his remarks were passed along to HQ.


70 Year-Old Grandma Threatened Over BitTorrent Download

As the mass-BitTorrent lawsuits continue to pile up in U.S. courts, more stories of what appear to be wrongfully accused persons hit mainstream media.

A 70 year-old retired widow from San Francisco falls into this category. The grandma was recently caught sharing porn on BitTorrent and was offered a $3,400 settlement, or the option to risk a $150,000 fine in a full court case.


IP-Address Is Not a Person, BitTorrent Case Judge Says

A possible landmark ruling in one of the mass-BitTorrent lawsuits in the U.S. may spell the end of the “pay-up-or-else-schemes” that have targeted over 100,000 Internet users in the last year


Tesla Sues Top Gear Show for Libel, Malicious Falsehood

Electric car company Tesla is no stranger to lawsuits, and is now involved in yet another one that looks to be pretty high profile.

On Tuesday, Tesla slapped the BBC show Top Gear with a lawsuit for libel and malicious falsehood.


A Bright Idea: Less Litigation And More Interposition!

The greatest problem with relying on lawsuits..for Constitutional protection is the reality that the Supreme Court has set years and years of bad precedent, allowing the federal government to control many aspects of our lives that the Founders and Ratifiers never authorized.

The real question we must ask is this: