Canada wants warrantless Internet spying, says critics support child porn

The Canadian government has introduced legislation that would force telecom providers to turn over Internet subscriber information without a warrant.

Public safety minister Vic Toews says critics can “either stand with us or with the child pornographers.”


New Jersey Senate Passes Gay Marriage, votes with conscience, not politics

New Jersey lawmakers gave their approval to legalizing gay marriage for the first time as the state Senate passed a bill that would allow marriage for same-sex couples even in the face of defiant Gov.

Chris Christies promise to veto the legislation.


File-Sharing Darling Dan Bull Publishes Anti-SOPA Rap

Since the recording industry is one of the key supporters of the pending SOPA legislation in the United States, it seems fitting that its opponents should use the medium of song to make their counter argument.


NBC/WSJ poll: Despite defeat, Obama’s jobs bill is popular

Even though the United States Senate on Tuesday blocked President Obama’s jobs bill, the legislation’s specifics — as well as the idea of taxing the wealthy to pay for it — are popular with the American public, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.


#File Sharing Protest Bomb Threat Video Lands Teenager in Court

A teenager who appears to have taken his protest against an anti-piracy law a little too far will find himself in court tomorrow.

The 18-year-old allegedly posted a video on YouTube protesting the legislation just passed by New Zealand. In it he claimed that websites would be hacked and that explosives had been planted in government buildings.


EFF Applauds New Electronic Privacy Bill That Tells the Government: Come Back With a Warrant!

Today, Senator Patrick Leahy introduced much-needed legislation to update the Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986, a critically important but woefully outdated federal privacy law in desperate need of a 21st century upgrade.


Texas Passes Pre-Abortion Sonogram Bill


Rick Perry is expected to sign legislation that is a victory for anti-abortion advocates.


Anyone Can Take Down Facebook Pages with a Fake Email Address

Something strange has been happening to several popular Facebook pages in recent weeks: they’ve disappeared.

According to the affected page owners, they’re victims of bogus DMCA claims. The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, is a piece of (arguably broken) legislation which allows copyright owners to protect their copyrighted works from infringement. Over the years, it’s been used to remove content from Google’s search index, from YouTube


Obamacare on the Ropes

When U.S.

District Court judge Roger Vinson struck down President Obamas health care program as unconstitutional, the White House declared the decision an outlier. It was anything but that. The ruling on January 31 was in harmony with limits the Supreme Court has imposed on the use of the Constitutions commerce clause to justify far-reaching legislation by Congress. And it came as the assault on Obamacare has expanded to many fronts


HUD is Trying to Privatize All of America’s Public Housing

The Obama Administration’s move to the right is about to give conservatives a victory they could not have anticipated, even under Bush.

HUD, under Obama, submitted legislation called PETRA to Congress that would result in the privatization of all public housing in America.


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