Mitt Romney Is Just Like You, People Who Own Multiple Cadillacs

Self-proclaimed “car guy” Mitt Romney accidentally outed himself as being super rich at Ford Field in Detroit. (Detroit: good place to advertise love of cars, bad place to advertise excessive wealth.) Turns out he and his wife drive multiple cars, which ”


Practice Kissing Hand Fail

To all those single on Valentine’s Day: love yourself, but carefully.


Firebombed Mag Prints New Issue

Last week the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were firebombed after it ran an issue guest edited by the Prophet Muhammad with a cartoon on the cover.

So how did Charlie Hebdo respond? By putting a cartoon on the cover of a Muslim man making out with another man. The headline on the cartoon is Love Is Stronger Than Hate, and the background shows the ashes of the firebombed office. The magazine does not suggest, h


How Deep is Amazon’s Love for HTML5 in Kindle Format 8?

Last week, Amazon announced its principal format for electronic books distributed to its new Android-based Kindle Fire series of full-color, touchscreen tablets would “support,” to borrow Amazon’s choice …


To Win Boys, Girls Should Shut Up, Says ’68 Scholastic Book

“Date Talk,” a 1968 advice book for teens, teaches that to succeed in love, girls must compliment their dates’ hats, be ready to discuss cybernetics, never disagree with what a boy is saying, and always be ready to shut up.

Lots of absurd quotes and examples, and a disturbing cartoon of what accidentally looks like a ’60s teen BDSM.


Ebooks don’t spell the end of literature

E-readers pose no threat to books – quite the opposite, they may just re-Kindle a generation’s love for the written word.


Students Gain Love of Space with SPHERES Summer Camp

Teachers commonly ask students to share summer experiences.

This year a few can say that they controlled satellites on the ISS!


Hey, Sarah Palin, Electric Cars Make Hunting Easier

Electric car owners arent necessarily known for their love of hunting — and those who hunt arent usually known for their love of electric cars either.

After all, gun-toting, gas-guzzling, Russia-spying, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin loves to hunt — and her motto of…


What Do You Associate With Romantic Love?

In a new study published in the journal Cross-Cultural Research, scientists asked 1,157 adults from the United States, Russia and Lithuania to write in freelist form what they associated with romantic love.

Here’s what they had to say.


eHarmony Bacon Girl is Wife Material (Video)

If you don’t love felines like the eHarmony cat girl, maybe the Bacon Girl is the soulmate you’ve been looking for.


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