Mitt Romney Is Just Like You, People Who Own Multiple Cadillacs

Self-proclaimed “car guy” Mitt Romney accidentally outed himself as being super rich at Ford Field in Detroit. (Detroit: good place to advertise love of cars, bad place to advertise excessive wealth.) Turns out he and his wife drive multiple cars, which ”


Practice Kissing Hand Fail

To all those single on Valentine’s Day: love yourself, but carefully.


Firebombed Mag Prints New Issue

Last week the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were firebombed after it ran an issue guest edited by the Prophet Muhammad with a cartoon on the cover.

So how did Charlie Hebdo respond? By putting a cartoon on the cover of a Muslim man making out with another man. The headline on the cartoon is Love Is Stronger Than Hate, and the background shows the ashes of the firebombed office. The magazine does not suggest, h


How Deep is Amazon’s Love for HTML5 in Kindle Format 8?

Last week, Amazon announced its principal format for electronic books distributed to its new Android-based Kindle Fire series of full-color, touchscreen tablets would “support,” to borrow Amazon’s choice …


To Win Boys, Girls Should Shut Up, Says ’68 Scholastic Book

“Date Talk,” a 1968 advice book for teens, teaches that to succeed in love, girls must compliment their dates’ hats, be ready to discuss cybernetics, never disagree with what a boy is saying, and always be ready to shut up.

Lots of absurd quotes and examples, and a disturbing cartoon of what accidentally looks like a ’60s teen BDSM.


Ebooks don’t spell the end of literature

E-readers pose no threat to books – quite the opposite, they may just re-Kindle a generation’s love for the written word.


Students Gain Love of Space with SPHERES Summer Camp

Teachers commonly ask students to share summer experiences.

This year a few can say that they controlled satellites on the ISS!


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