What Kind of Software Company Should You Work For?

Until the Internets came along; this was your typical enterprise software company, such as IBM, Microsoft, Sun/Oracle and others.


Windows Phone success recipe gains another ingredient: Skype

Nine months after purchasing Skype for $8.5 billion, Microsoft Windows Phone handsets have a beta version of the audio and video chat service.

There are some notable limitations in this first release, but as the software gets refined and integrated, Microsoft’s platform could gain more momentum.


Microsoft Updated its OneNote iOS App To Provide Support For iPad

Microsoft has updated its OneNote iOS app to provide support for Apples iPad and iPad2.

The new version of this app, OneNote 1.3, works on any device which supports iOS 4.3 or higher.


Microsofts IE10 preview offers peak at Internet Explorer in Windows 8

Microsoft has released its latest preview of Internet Explorer, showing IE10s new features in Windows 8.


2 million iOS 5 users choose Hotmail | ZDNet

According to Microsoft, some 2 million iOS 5 devices are connected to Hotmail, and that number is growing by some 100,000 every day.

With the release of iOS 5 it became easier for user to configure their iDevice to send and receive email via Hotmail because Apple added it as a default option in the Add Account ¦ screen.

And it seems that users have embraced this option enthusiastically.


Hacker gains control of Microsoft’s YouTube channel

Microsoft’s official YouTube channel was hacked over the weekend, with the company’s dancing-dad promotional video replaced with an assortment of other clips.

Yesterday, four or five videos were …


Could Microsoft and Roku Finally Kill the Cable Box?

It’s been a thorn in the back side of couch potatoes for decades: the underpowered, clunky, and expensive cable set-top box.

Could Microsoft and Roku finally put a stake in its heart?


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