Mom Rapes & Videotapes Young Daughter to Teach Her About “Sex Ed”

Casey Anthony may have met her match for world’s worst mother.


Guy grinds up on his mom, sister, and dog. wtf?

This video starts a bit slow.

At first you think big deal, a boy and his sister are dancing and right as youre about to close the window, he gets behind her in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.


Ex-marijuana dispensary owner charged with beating, torturing pot thief

Lazarus Pino was once a medical marijuana rebel fighting against a move to shut down his dispensary.

Now, however, he’s accused of being a common (or maybe uncommon) goon. Along with members of his family, including his mom, Pino has been charged with beating, torturing and shooting at a man who tried to pilfer some pot.


Mom Arrested For Trying to Sell Newborn at Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s “Why Pay More Value Menu” offers more than a dozen ways to help folks save money on “food.” Heidi Lynn Knowles attempted to get even more value from her menu by trying to sell her 3-day-old son for $500 to a woman at the local Taco Bell.


Hot saucing may be poor parenting, but it’s not criminal

The fed-up Alaska mom, determined to teach her son a lesson about lying, is seen pouring hot sauce on the whimpering 7-year-old’s tongue as he sits obediently on the bathroom counter.


Daughter Forgives OJ Simpson For Killing Her Mom


SIMPSON’s daughter SYDNEY has finally forgiven him for killing her mother, and she’s planning to visit him in prison for the first time, sources say.
“Sydney still believes that her father murdered her mother, but she wants to make peace with him and tell him that she forgives him,” a family friend revealed.
“She said, ‘Murderer or not, he’s still my father and he’s the only parent I’ve got. I can’t abandon him.'”


Mom Takes Urination Revenge By Peeing on Bakery Goods at Convenience Store

She was booted from the store in Pennsylvania, but instead of leaving, she went into a walk-in freezer and peed all over some perfectly good cookies and bagels.


Teen Kills Family Dogs With Axe After Fight With Mom

One of the sickest cases of general scumbagliness that’s crossed our desk in some time.


“You don’t have boobs” TSA reply to boy when he asked why his mom got a pat down and not him

“You don’t have boobs” TSA reply to boy when he asked why his mom got a pat down and not him


BLECH! Mom, 45, Dates Her Son’s Best Friend

Would you let your mom date your BFF?! That’s the question Oli Lyndale, 26, had to ask when his mom, India, 45, began dating his best friend Theo, 27.


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