Piracy and Copyright Challenges in 1841 Mirror Those of Today

Technology has come a long way since 1841, but the copyright debate at the time was strikingly similar to what were witnessing today. 170 years ago a new copyright bill was being discussed in the United Kingdom, one that would extend the rights of book authors to sixty years after their death.

While some favored the plan, some feared that this lengthy copyright monopoly would only succeed in increasing piracy,


Saudi Arabia urges US attack on Iran to stop nuclear programme

The Saudi king was recorded as having “frequently exhorted the US to attack Iran to put an end to its nuclear weapons programme”, one cable stated. “He told you [Americans] to cut off the head of the snake,” the Saudi ambassador to Washington, Adel al-Jubeir said, according to a report on Abdullah’s meeting with the US general David Petraeus in April 2008.

The cables also highlight Israel’s anxiety to preserve its regional nuclear monopoly, its


The 12 Most Horrendous Board Games of All-Time

For every Monopoly or Clue there is a dozen failed board game titles.

In many cases, its not hard to see why these board games failed. In other cases, an improper box art graphic or slogan can result in a hilarious product design fail. Below are 12 of the most horrendous board game fails of all time.