MPAA Publicly Attacks Politicians For Not Staying Bought, Early Rumblings Of Hollywood Boycott

The MPAA is blatantly and publicly attacking the politicians theyve bought for not staying bought.

We know this because MPAA head Chris Dodd went to Fox News in order to publicly threaten the politicians hes been paying off.


U.S. Anti-Piracy Police Kept Secret From The Public

Last month the MPAA and RIAA made a deal with all the major Internet providers in the United States to systematically hunt down file-sharers.

The new Copyright Alerts system will directly affect millions of Internet users, but thus far the participating parties have refused to disclose which monitoring company will act as anti-piracy detectives. Its time for the big reveal.


Hotfile Battles MPAA Over Private User Data Disclosure

Earlier this year, member companies of the MPAA filed a lawsuit against the Hotfile file-hosting service and ever since the parties have been back and forth submitting and responding to court papers.

Now it seems that the MPAA want Hotfile to hand over just about every piece of data the company holds, from the IP addresses of uploaders and downloaders to the companys source code.


MPAA Anti-Piracy Lobbying Targets FBI, DOJ, ICE, DHS and Biden

MPAA Anti-Piracy Lobbying Targets FBI, DOJ, ICE, DHS and Biden

Source: Torrentfreak (Torrentfreak)

4chan Users Organize Surgical DDoS Strike Against MPAA

4chan publicly announced a coordinated DDoS attack against the MPAA in retaliation for the hiring of an Indian based software firm, which carried out similar attacks on The Pirate Bay and other file sharing sites.

The following image was released to the Internet, instructing users on exactly what needs to be done to carry out the attack on 9/17 @ 9PM EST.