When Facebook Defriending Ends in Murder

Reuters reports that a Tennessee couple who “defended” Jenelle Potter on Facebook were murdered by her father and another man. “This is just senseless,” said Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece told Reuters. “We’ve had murders, but nothing like this.” Jenelle Potter, 30, is one of those types who you just don’t mess with.

She is a Facebook fanatic who stays home with her parents and is constantly on Facebook.


Philadelphia has had 32 murders in the first 30 days of 2012

Since the beginning of the year, Philadelphia has buried 32 murder victims.

Police are racing to stop the killings, but citizens themselves may have to save the city.


The Trouble with Gaming Addiction

Over the years weve grown wearily accustomed to news stories linking murders and violent attacks to the playing of video games, but now it is the consequences of so-called gaming addiction which are hitting the headlines.


12 of the Creepiest Serial Killers

There isn’t much that’s creepier in this life than a serial killer, because they’re predators in the purest sense of the word.

Some of them have racked up frightening body counts, while others were just so sick that even a handful of murders were enough to make an entire country uncomfortable at night.