Happy New Year? Gas prices on the rise again

Gas prices rose a dozen cents in the past three weeks, the first increase in more than two months.


Cats blamed for inferno that ripped through family home and gutted neighbour’s house

Pet kittens have been blamed for sparking a fire that burned down a young familys home causing 250,000 of damage.

Fire investigators believe the tabby cats, Jesse and Dora, may have walked across a touch-sensitive hob in the kitchen – turning it on. The cats owners – Reina and Andrew Ainscough – were visiting relatives for New Year with their young twins when the blaze broke out at their home in Lowton, Greater Manchester.


Four people shot dead on New Year’s Day at house in County Durham

Four members of the same family have been found shot dead at a house in County Durham.It appears that a man, named locally as taxi driver Michael Atherton Snr, known as Micky, killed three female relatives.


Don’t Ring in the New Year with Gunfire

The San Francisco division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is asking all you trigger-happy people to please refrain from ringing in 2012 with celebratory gun shots


Philippines: Murdered politician photographed his killer before he was shot

A local councilman shot to death on New Year’s Eve in the Philippines accidentally photographed his killer pointing a gun at him just before pulling the trigger.

In the photo above, victim Reynaldo Dagsa’s smiling family members are posed against a car; the alleged killer is at left, and an alleged lookout is at r


Cats Sing Happy New Years

Kitties wish you a happy New year!


New Years Resolutions That Will Improve Your Finances in 2011

Every year, we resolve to lose weight, eat healthy, excercize, quit smoking¦ you get the idea.

And while our health is no doubt important, what about our finances? Below are a few New Years resolutions that, simple and obvious as they seem, can truly help improve your finances in 2011.


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