A New Reason to Celebrate: New York Citys Gay Pride 2011 [PICS]

Awww…look at those two in pic #1. They’re cute.


AT&T Rolls Out Free Wi-Fi to Several New York City Parks

New York City has grand aspirations of being the nation’s leading digital city, and it’s a getting a big boost from AT&T towards that goal.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson today announced a five-year initiative that will have AT&T providing free Wi-Fi service at 26 locations spread across…


‘Ghostbusters’ Firehouse Facing Closure

The Ghostbusters are getting an eviction notice.

As part of a budget cut-back, New York City is proposing closing 20 firehouses, including the iconic building where the famous ghoul-fighters set up shop.


Gary Vaynerchuk: 99.5 Percent Of Social Media Experts Are Clowns (TCTV)

Wine enthusiast, author, founder, blogger, investor and serial entrepreneur (did I leave anything out?) Gary Vaynerchuk dropped by our TechCrunch TV studio in New York City with a bottle of red to discuss his new book, The Thank You Economy with TechCrunch Co-editor, Erick Schonfeld. Context is the new battleground for business says Vaynerchuk when asked to give the Twitter version summary of book.

In essence, businesses need to better un


Man Eats Pasta On NYC Subway With A Rat On His Lap

As a resident of New York City, it becomes easier to come to grips with the fact that certain things just dont make sense.

For example: Heres a video of a guy eating pasta on an NYC subway with a rat comfortably hanging out on his lap while the guy rambles away.


New York City Announces World’s First Same-Sex Cat Marriage

Forget that royal wedding in the spring—who wants to go to Buckingham Palace to stand in a crushing crowd anyway, just for a fleeting glimpse of the prince and his bride? The real wedding of the year is much closer to home, with no elite monarchy to dignify the scene.

And it’s an event where tuxedo cats may be the best-dressed guests!


Democrats get more aggressive and bullish on terrorism

“Senate Democrats struck a bullish tone on terrorism Tuesday, working to stay in front of the issue in the wake of the attempted terrorist attack in New York City last week,” Jessica Brady writes for Roll Call.


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