CIA has suspended drone attacks in Pakistan, U.S. officials say

The undeclared halt in CIA attacks in Pakistan, now in its sixth week, aims at reversing a sharp erosion in trust after deadly incidents, including the mistaken attack on soldiers by U.S. gunships.


Pakistan denies reports it opened fire first provoking the Nato air strike

Pakistan denies reports it opened fire first provoking the Nato air strike which killed 24 of its troops at a checkpoint on the Afghan border.


Can Pakistan Ban ‘Jesus’ and 1,600 Other ‘Obscene’ Words From Text Messages?

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority told mobile carriers to begin blocking text messages Nov. 21 containing words from a list of more than 1600 “obscene” terms that includes “Jesus Christ,” “athletes foot,” “poop,” “fairy” and “harder.”


We went to Osama bin Laden’s former Pakistan hideout so you wouldn’t have to

Since 2006, Vice has closely followed and chronicled the growing political turmoil in Pakistan, when founder Suroosh Alvi visited the infamous gun market of Darra Adamkhel.


Is Pakistans nuclear arsenal vulnerable to terrorists?

Evidence of terror ties to the Pakistani government raises questions about the worlds fastest growing nuclear arsenal.


Osama Bin Laden’s Wives Could Be the Key to Punishing Pakistan

One of Bin Laden’s wives was shot in the leg during the raid, but Pakistan “has said nothing about allowing interviews of the wives, who were among the handful of survivors of the raid.”


How Republicans have tried — and failed — to claim credit for bin Laden’s death, with the help of torture

Like so many memes that persist in politics, this one started on the Internet.

The morning after President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan, conservatives started crowing that credit should be given to President George W. Bush — specifically, for having the foresight and courage to torture the people who provided the initial scraps of intel that ultimately led the CIA to a giant compound just north of Islamabad.


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