Dell plots late-2012 consumer tablet launch

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Dell Inc intends to launch its first consumer tablet computer in late 2012, marking its entry into a hotly contested and increasingly crowded arena that has already claimed arch-foe Hewlett Packard.

The once-dominant corporation founded by Michael Dell has seen a growing crop of tablets and smartphones entice consumers away from PCs. But Dell learned from the hastiness of some of its peers and understands better now how cons


When is an older mother TOO old? Meet the women becoming first-time parents in their fifties

With the help of fertility specialists, rising numbers of women are giving birth to their firstborns at an age when many of their peers are anticipating, or enjoying, grandparenthood.

John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston was thrilled when she became pregnant again last year at the age of 47.
But though many were surprised that the actress had successfully conceived in her late forties, it seems she is not alone.
Indeed, she could even be considered


Ginger Seal Shunned By Peers

Prepare for your heart to break.

This ginger seal is an outcast from its colony. They don’t want him. He’s ugly and they don’t want him. How’s the heart?


Study Links Teenage Bullying to Social Status

Teenagers tend to pick on their peers more as their social status rises, a study finds, suggesting that anti-bullying efforts in schools should focus more closely on social hierarchies.


Female Vets Especially Vulnerable To Suicide

Around 32,000 people commit suicide in the U.S. each year, 20 percent of those suicides are veterans.

Traditionally, when we think of suicide among vets, we think of men. But this week, for the first time, a sizable study was published that looked specifically at female veterans and suicide. The study found that in general female vets are much more likely to commit suicide than their civilian peers, especially younger vets.