Snow Circles

Sonja Hinrichsen Snow Drawing Here is a link to the stills from that same day..


Monkey death from abooooove!! D: – Imgur

Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.


25 Perfectly Timed Photos

Theres nothing quite like a perfectly timed photo.

Theres something about seeing something funny about to happen thats just so much better than seeing something funny happen.


The Best Christmas Poster Advertisements [PHOTOS]

As we consider that strong advertisement is a greatest way to convey the message to the audience and if they are formed for sharing the happiness and joy of the occasions and social events then the result will be more fantastic.

Millions companies and printing services compete with each other to produce best Christmas ads and posters.


31 Inspirational Tumblr Photos, Adjusted for Honesty

Herein you will discover the most inspirational and completely non-pretentious photos that Tumblr has to offer.


The 25 Most Awkward Photos With Santa

The 25 Most Awkward Photos With Santa: ‘Tis the season! To have your childhood ruined…


Photos: At Occupy Oakland, a Night of Protests and Tear Gas

Police in riot gear fired tear gas into the crowd at least five times in an effort to clear the plaza in front of Oakland City Hall.


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