CEA chief Gary Shapiro pushes anti-SOPA agenda

He said he is disappointed that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is distracting a lot of lawmakers from the larger agenda now as they obsess over what he and many other people in the tech industry consider to be a poorly written proposal to deal with online piracy.

But i…


US Government Targets The Pirate Bay, Megaupload and Others

The US Government has classified some of the largest websites on the Internet as examples of sites which sustain global piracy.

The list released by the United States Trade Representative draws exclusively on input from rightsholders.


Piracy and Copyright Challenges in 1841 Mirror Those of Today

Technology has come a long way since 1841, but the copyright debate at the time was strikingly similar to what were witnessing today. 170 years ago a new copyright bill was being discussed in the United Kingdom, one that would extend the rights of book authors to sixty years after their death.

While some favored the plan, some feared that this lengthy copyright monopoly would only succeed in increasing piracy,


Guy Tunnels into GameStop, Swipes $5K in Games, Gets Arrested

Most video game addicts would do just about anything to get their hands on a free copy of their favorite game.

But few would go as far as to pull off a bank robbery-style heist of their local retailer. Why? Because it’s illegal, it’s stupid, and, in the age of rampant online piracy, it’s not even slightly necessary.


Google responds to Android app license concerns

Google is defending its Android License Server solution for combating app piracy despite the high-profile end-around that has surfaced lately.


Feds raise questions about big media’s piracy claims

After spending a year studying how piracy and illegal counterfeiting affects the United States, the Government Accountability Office says it still doesn’t know for sure.

“Some experts we interviewed and liter