Star Wars: Return of the Jedi STOLEN!

A blast from the past now, thanks to this clip from British TV news which details a shocking and frankly deplorable case of grand theft.

One of the original copies of Return of the Jedi was snatched by cunning street urchin pirate types from a cinema in Hastings, despite ridiculously tight security measures. including having an old lady as the film’s security chief. Shocking.



International Crisis Looms As Russians Pirate The Web Sherrif

Everyones favorite anti-piracy outfit is facing a battle for its very identity today.

Web Sheriff, the company best known for its softly-softly approach, has discovered that a company thousands of miles away is using the same name as them. But rather than send a cheeky takedown request as usual, Web Sheriff has launched an intercontinental legal attack. Its the Cuban missile crisis all over again, but with sheriffs.