Plant hunters’ legacy help Japan’s threatened species

The British tradition of collecting plants from all four corners of the world means the UK is now home to many Japanese species which are under threat in their native land, a study reports.


New Jersey Doctor Grew 68 Plants, Smoked 30 Joints a Day


Edwin Bliss Struves wasn’t dealing or distributing the cannibis, but rather using the homegrown herb to fund treat glaucoma and brain damage he suffers from when he was attacked and choked by a patient.


Carnivorous Plants: Hungry & Gorgeous [PICS]

You have to admit, it does make a kind of twisted sense: After all, we’ve been feasting on their fibrous, nutrition-packed stems, leaves, tubers, and fruits since we began to actually eat the salad that came with our steaks so, naturally, there must have been a certain … well, ‘desire’ for reciprocity.

In other words if we eat them why shouldn’t they want to eat us?


Eco-Shower Equipped with Water Filtering Plants

Simulate living life in the wilds of nature by taking a shower in the Phyto-Purification Bathroom.

Using a natural filtering principal, this mix of modern design and nature is a mini eco-system able to recycle and regenerate gray water