PlayStation Network Down Sunday

Hope you weren’t planning on playing your PlayStation 3 online tomorrow.



Sony Reveals 24″ 1080p 3D PlayStation TV

Is there’s one company that has championed 3D technology more than any other, it’s Sony.

The company has pushed 3D like no other: 3DTVs, 3D support in PlayStation, and now, a 3D television display of their own, with PS-branding. That’s right, a PlayStation TV! At E3 this week Sony has announced a 24


PSN Outage Over, But No Refunds for PS3 Netflix Users

PS3 owners can finally access Netflix on their game consoles again after Sony started to restore the PlayStation Network (PSN) over the weekend, but they shouldnt expect any grand welcome back gestures from the streaming video company.


PSN Hackers Wanted $100,000 for Credit Card Database

According to the New York Times, security investigators uncovered forum chatter of a possible $100,000 ransom demand that was made for the credit card data allegedly stolen from the PlayStation Network.


PS3 banned in Europe after LG gets temp injunction vs. Sony

Sony encountered a major setback on Monday after LG landed a preliminary injunction banning the PlayStation 3 from sales in Europe.

A civil court in The Hague ruled that any PS3s imported into the continent have to be confiscated by government officials for at least the next 10 days.


Killzone 3 is very difficult to play with Move sharpshooter (video)

Chris M.

Arnone spends some quality time playing Killzone 3 with a Playstation Move controller.


PlayStation Phone (Almost) Outted by Sony Exec

Now they’re just teasing us.

Earlier in the week we got some pretty solid visual verification about the existence of an Android-based PlayStation Phone. Now a Sony executive is all but admitting that such a device is in the works.


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