5 Creepy Forms of Mind Control You’re Exposed to Daily

We know what you’re thinking: You’re far too cynical to fall for the ads you fast forward through on your DVR or the little tricks employed by marketers and politicians to push your subconscious buttons.

But are you sure?


MPAA Publicly Attacks Politicians For Not Staying Bought, Early Rumblings Of Hollywood Boycott

The MPAA is blatantly and publicly attacking the politicians theyve bought for not staying bought.

We know this because MPAA head Chris Dodd went to Fox News in order to publicly threaten the politicians hes been paying off.


It’s time that we valued people over profits, poll results show

The British public want business to put “people before profits” and to see politicians close the gap between rich and poor, according to a new survey.


Pumpkin Headed Politicians (Pic)

Pumpkin Headed Politicians (Pic)


Isn’t It Ironic When Politicians Parade Their Faith but Act Unchristian?

I cannot find any passage in the Bible that says: “Oh Ye Faithful: The poor shall sacrifice so that the rich may retain their wealth,” but that appears to be the fundamental policy of the fundamentalists.


Bishop of Winchester: legal system discriminates against Christians

The Human Rights Act is protecting the rights of minority groups while encouraging judges and politicians to discriminate against Christians…


9 Political Wives Who Overshadow Their Husbands

With the untimely death of Elizabeth Edwards, female leaders, politicians, first ladies and political wives in general have lost a great friend.

So adding her to the list of the greats, here are some of the greatest political wives in the history of politics that show us all just how much of an impact a powerful spouse can make.


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