iPhone soaks up 75 percent of all mobile phone profits

Apple holds only a 9 percent share of the global mobile phone market but it grabbed 75 percent of the industry’s overall profits last quarter, according to data from Asymco.

Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Apple.


It’s time that we valued people over profits, poll results show

The British public want business to put “people before profits” and to see politicians close the gap between rich and poor, according to a new survey.


Obama Fried Chicken Is Chinas Newest Fast Food Craze

It is already bizarre enough (and probably some sort of copyright infringement, but that depends on what copyright laws in communist China are like) that this independent company decided the President of the United States would be their best spokesman, but it appears they arent alone in thinking Obama = infinite chicken profits.

The actual KFC has used the President in Chinese commercials, too.


Spill, baby, spill!

Time period during which “no discernible safety improvement by offshore drilliing industry”: 7 years…

Frequency with which MMS wants operators to have their safety programs audited: every 3 years… Number of letters oil companies have sent protesting the proposed regulations: over 100 … Profits earned by BP in 2009: $14 billion…more>>