Poles Take anti-ACTA Protests to the Streets

Thousands of people have joined anti-ACTA protests all across Poland this week.


Photos: At Occupy Oakland, a Night of Protests and Tear Gas

Police in riot gear fired tear gas into the crowd at least five times in an effort to clear the plaza in front of Oakland City Hall.


Libya Follows Egypts Lead, Starts Shutting Off Internet Services

Both the BBC and Yahoo News are reporting that Muammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya has began to block Facebook in the country’s capital of Tripoli and are shutting down access to Internet connections in the rest of the country……response to anti-govermental protests.

Twitter user Ramy Raoof says that sources in Libya have confirmed the Facebook blocks, but that Twitter.com is not blocked and Internet access is not yet down.

Al Jazeera is


Could Syria be the next domino to fall?

There are a lot of similarities between Egypt and Syria and Syrians are following the Egypt protests carefully.

After Tunisia and Egypt, could Syria be the next domino to fall?


Bristol Palin Gets The Boot Due To Student Outrage Over $20,000 Speaking Fee

Bristol Palin was reported to be scheduled to speak at Washington University next month as the keynote speaker at the colleges Sexual Responsibility Week.

That plan is now off, due to massive student outrage that led to protests.


UPDATE: Internet Shut Off in Egypt, Astounding Live Coverage Still Available as Pro-Democracy Leader Put Under House Arrest

Last night, hours before the biggest protests Egypt has seen yet were expected to start, a slew of news outlets began reporting that Internet access and SMS messages had been blocked across the country.

According to the reports, the outage goes beyond censorship of specific websites, like Twitter, to extend to the entire Internet. As The Arabist noted quite plainly, Egypt has shut off the internet.


Children Being Used to Protests

Sometimes it take a little more than a message to get a point across.  There are times when a more severe tactic is needed to get the attention of those


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