The Worlds Smallest And Deadliest Animals

Six tiny animals that pack an incredibly (and sometimes fatal) punch.


The Loko Lowdown On Four Loko (Infographic)

With the equivalent of 4.5 beers and 3 cups of coffee in a single can, Four Loko packs a mighty punch to even the most seasoned drinker.

Here are the Loko facts that make it one of the most controversial alcoholic energy drinks of our time…


How to Kiss a Woman by Captain Kirk (Video)

Falcon Punch!


Etiquette Ninjas: Ep. 7 – “Dicks Who Cock Block”

Etiquette Ninjas: Ep. 7 – … 2:12
Don’t be a cock block.

Featuring Armie Hammer from “The Social Network.”
Submitted by: Etiquetteninjas
Kinda Cute
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