Republicans Have Awoken A Sleeping Giant And She Is Furious

The Republican war on women has awoken a sleeping giant and she is furious, driven, educated, and will remove these male supremacists from power.


Other Republicans Agree Not to Tell Rick Perry Where Next Debate Is

CONCORD, NH (The Borowitz Report) “ In a move that they are calling the only humane thing to do, the other Republican candidates for President have agreed not to tell Texas governor Rick Perry where the next debate is being held.


Wis. GOP Files Lawsuit Against Election Officials Over Recall Process

Wisconsin Republicans have mounted a new response to the effort to recall Gov.

Scott Walker ” filing a lawsuit today against the state Government Accountability Board, which oversees elections, alleging that Walkers 14th Amendment constitutional rights are being violated by the procedures the board uses in verifying, accepting or rejecting petition signatures.


Nearly Half of Voters (Including Many Repubs) Believe the GOP Is Sabotaging the Economy So Obama Won’t Get Re-Elected

To one degree or another, the sabotage question has been generating some debate for about a year now.

It is, admittedly, a provocative subject: are Republicans trying to hurt the nations economy on purpose, simply to undermine the Obama presidency


House GOP’s /Job Creating/ Spending Cuts Destroyed 370,000 Jobs

House Republicans took the government to the brink of shutdown last spring by demanding across-the-board budget cuts to many vital programs.

Instead of focusing on job creation, as Americans wanted them to, the GOP turned its attention to slashing funds for programs that funded assistance for women and children, local law enforcement, the social safety net, environmental protections, and many other programs they deemed as either too expensive or


House Republicans to Request Special Counsel to Probe Holder on ‘Fast and Furious’

House Republicans are going to call for a special counsel to determine whether Attorney General Holder perjured himself during his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on Operation Fast and Furious, Fox News has learned.


The New Resentment of the Poor

Several top Republicans want to raise taxes on the poor and working class.

But the problem is how many Americans are poor, not how much they pay in taxes.


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