RIAA: The Pirate Bay is The Worst of The Worst

The RIAA has responded to The Pirate Bay’s decision to change its domain name from .org to .se.

The torrent site made the switch to prevent a seizure by US authorities, and according to the music industry group this is a clear indication that tougher laws are needed to deal with


RIAA Targets YouTube Over Leaked Britney Spears Concert

As part of a criminal investigation the RIAA has filed a declaration at a federal court in California to obtain the personal details of one of YouTubes users.

Through the legal action against YouTube, the RIAA hopes to find out more about the person who uploaded a recording of Britney Spears concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.


U.S. Anti-Piracy Police Kept Secret From The Public

Last month the MPAA and RIAA made a deal with all the major Internet providers in the United States to systematically hunt down file-sharers.

The new Copyright Alerts system will directly affect millions of Internet users, but thus far the participating parties have refused to disclose which monitoring company will act as anti-piracy detectives. Its time for the big reveal.