FCC seeks input on cell phone interruptions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The deliberate disruption of mobile phone service last year by transit police in San Francisco has prompted federal communications regulators to consider rules for similar situations


Apple Next Gen iPad Event a Week Away

Barcelona is at the top of the news circles now.

There is so much to tell about Mobile World Congress. But it will fade away soon and San Francisco will take the place. The Cupertino giant has scheduled an event in San Francisco next week and is expected to unwrap the next generation iPad.


San Francisco Tries to Ban Happy Meals

Fast food juggernaut McDonald’s has found a clever way around a Happy Meal ban in San Francisco.


Hipmunk comes to Android with a surprisingly slick app

Hipmunk, the San Francisco-based travel search startup, has finally brought its travel search application to the Android operating system.

Hipmunk for Android, which for now only facilitates flight searches, is impressive because it retains all the slickness of the company’s web and iOS offerings.


Amy’s Pill Portrait

The late, great Amy Winehouse has received an unusual tribute in the form of a portrait made from pills.

San Francisco-based artist Jason Mecier used 5,000 multicoloured tablets to create the intricate work…


Telling a Cop to F-Off Is Not a Crime

A San Francisco jury decided that just because 22-year-old Chris Christopher cusses like an asshole doesn’t make him a fucking criminal.


70 Year-Old Grandma Threatened Over BitTorrent Download

As the mass-BitTorrent lawsuits continue to pile up in U.S. courts, more stories of what appear to be wrongfully accused persons hit mainstream media.

A 70 year-old retired widow from San Francisco falls into this category. The grandma was recently caught sharing porn on BitTorrent and was offered a $3,400 settlement, or the option to risk a $150,000 fine in a full court case.


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