Access To iPad App Flipboard Compromised In China

As of today certain aspects of the Flipboard experience have been blocked for Chinese users, at the very least access to Facebook and Twitter according to Flipboard CEO Mike McCue.

While direct access to Facebook and Twitter is routinely blocked in China, the Flipboard app talked to its own US-based servers, which in turn talked to Twitter and Facebook so this block is particularly interesting.


How China and Others Are Altering Web Traffic

“Invisible” servers let governments quietly intercept and modify their citizens’ online communications.


Infrastructure Key to Googles No-Downtime Guarantee

Google blogged this morning about a new no-planned-downtime for Google Apps, a promise it’s able to make because of its globally distributed infrastructure estimated at more than 1 million servers.

Google’s expansive infrastructure gives it multiple options for migrating workloads during planned downtime.