Google TVs second wind: New devices coming from LG, Samsung, Vizio and Sony

As expected, Google TV will get a big shot in the arm at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Apple iPhone 5 ‘coming in March’ – and WILL have four-inch screen as sources report mass orders of larger touchscreens

Japanese fan site Macotakara reports Sony and Hitachi are making four-inch screens for the new phone – and have already shipped early prototypes to Apple’s Cupertino HQ – hinting at a release as early as March.


Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked to run Android

The Sony Reader PRS-T1 has been rooted.

While it has been known that the e-reader runs a version of Android, it was thought that it could not be hacked as the Android install was not a full version. As the video below demonstrates, a AWD.Launcher has been hacked to run on the device, although not all apps work.


Sony insurer seeks hack opt-out

Sony faces a court battle over how it will pay for legal claims made in the wake of a massive data breach.


Church of God Sues Sony Pictures and Comcast for Copyright Infringement

The religious comedy Salvation Boulevard premiered in movie theaters last Friday, but not everyone appreciates the films humor.

The Church of God has sued Sony Pictures, IFC Films and Comcast for infringing the copyright of the churchs logo, and is praying to stop the films distribution. In addition the church demands financial compensation for the substantial and irreparable harm the infringements have caused.


Privacy and Security Fanatic: Microsoft: We’re not vulnerable to DDoS attacks

Microsoft’s John Howie claims Microsoft security is stronger than Sony and RSA which were hacked due to “rookie mistakes.” The software giant also released Volume 10 of its Security Intelligence Report.


Woah: Lulz Security Just Took Down the CIA

Brian Barrett ” Lulzsec, that merry band of hackers responsible for raids on Bethesda Softworks, the US Senate, Sony, terrorists, and rival hackers, has bagged maybe its biggest fish yet: the CIA.


Sony Reveals 24″ 1080p 3D PlayStation TV

Is there’s one company that has championed 3D technology more than any other, it’s Sony.

The company has pushed 3D like no other: 3DTVs, 3D support in PlayStation, and now, a 3D television display of their own, with PS-branding. That’s right, a PlayStation TV! At E3 this week Sony has announced a 24


The NGP Could be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the PSP

You almost have to feel sorry for the PSP.

Overshadowed by the technically inferior DS, its biggest claim to fame for a long time was simply that it survived at all. Nintendo has a tendency of crushing its opponents in the handheld department. Then just when things were picking up, just when the Monster Hunter games were making it the must have handheld in Japan, Sony comes out and announces the NGP (I will not call it the Vita) and basically qua


Apple strikes deal with Sony for streaming iTunes music service

Apple has reportedly inked a licensing deal with Sony Corp.’s music division to begin offering the label’s catalog in the cloud, leaving Universal Music Group as the last holdout among the major record labels.


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