Apple supplier auditors send mixed messages about Foxconn

It’s been less than a week since Apple sent independent auditors to evaluate its third-party factories in China.

The auditors have publicly given hints about what they’re finding, but aren’t getting into specifics. On Friday they told Bloomberg they were finding “tons of issues” at Foxconn.


NBC/WSJ poll: Despite defeat, Obama’s jobs bill is popular

Even though the United States Senate on Tuesday blocked President Obama’s jobs bill, the legislation’s specifics — as well as the idea of taxing the wealthy to pay for it — are popular with the American public, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.


Verzo Teases Its First Android Smartphone, Aims for a Late-September Launch

The phone’s called the Kinzo and is slated for a launch in late September.

Verzo’s keeping a tight lid on the specifics for right now, but we know the phone was designed by Novague and it’ll feature its own UI — not in an attempt to be different, it says, but “to get the most from the Android system.”