Watch This Cat Sitting Up Watching Star Wars

Watch This Cat Sitting Up Watching Star Wars


A totally crazy rumor could turn the Star Wars universe upside-down!

The Robocop reboot finds a writer.

Man of Steel casts another version of Clark Kent. Check out new images from The Hunger Games and John Carter. Plus get the last word from the stars and director of Chronicle! Spoilers from here on out!

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I Used to Be a Field Operative Just Like You…

The Skyrim “Arrow in the Knee” meme was all over the internet for the last few month of 2011.

So much that gamers now grit their teeth every time someone beats this dead horse.

Lets give this old meme an official farewell and introduce a new one from Star Wars: The old republic. Its like the arrow to the knee reference but this guy got a lightsaber… to the lungs…


The New Brisksaber Mobile App Will Have You Swinging Your Lightsaber Like Yoda or Darth Maul

Got a new smart phone for Christmas and need a game that doesn’t involve flinging fowl or slicing fruit? Brisk has joined forces with Star Wars to bring you “Brisksaber,” a must-play free app in which you can do battle as Yoda, Darth Maul, and many other characters from the new 3-D version of “The Phantom Menace.”


French Fast Food Chain Makes Star Wars Burgers

One is called the “Dark Vador” burger, and it’s on a black bun.


Awesome Star Wars Advertisements

May the schwartz be with you this holiday season, especially if you are shopping at Currys PCWorld.

The British electronics store has gone all out for its Christmas campaign, licensing the cast of Star Wars for a series of ads that get you in the Star Wars holiday spirit.


15 Awesome Star Wars Jack O Lanterns

If you see someone with a pumpkin carved like this on their doorstep, then you know you’ve found a geek-friendly house.

But none you see will be as cool as these Star Wars designs.


Watch two floppy drives play Star Wars Imperial March [video]

Floppy drives have made a musical return from the pages of history with the help of a Polish hobbyist and some open-source gadgetry in this super-dork rendition of Darth Vader’s Imperial March.


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi STOLEN!

A blast from the past now, thanks to this clip from British TV news which details a shocking and frankly deplorable case of grand theft.

One of the original copies of Return of the Jedi was snatched by cunning street urchin pirate types from a cinema in Hastings, despite ridiculously tight security measures. including having an old lady as the film’s security chief. Shocking.


Star Wars Fans Incredible Homemade Chewbacca Costume

Star Wars fan Dougie Fett made this Chewbacca costume by himself, including stilt feet and a hand-crafted mask for a very true-to-movie appearance.


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