Watch two floppy drives play Star Wars Imperial March [video]

Floppy drives have made a musical return from the pages of history with the help of a Polish hobbyist and some open-source gadgetry in this super-dork rendition of Darth Vader’s Imperial March.



Star Wars: Return of the Jedi STOLEN!

A blast from the past now, thanks to this clip from British TV news which details a shocking and frankly deplorable case of grand theft.

One of the original copies of Return of the Jedi was snatched by cunning street urchin pirate types from a cinema in Hastings, despite ridiculously tight security measures. including having an old lady as the film’s security chief. Shocking.


Star Wars Fans Incredible Homemade Chewbacca Costume

Star Wars fan Dougie Fett made this Chewbacca costume by himself, including stilt feet and a hand-crafted mask for a very true-to-movie appearance.


VIDEO: Here’s the Star Wars/Drive Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Some enterprising video editor decided to mash-up the audio from Drives trailer with video from Star Wars, and its¦ not bad!


Star Wars The Old Republic Graphics Evolution & Comparison

Here is a look at Star Wars The Old Republic’s graphic evolution from 2009 to 2011 with a comparison of other MMO’s and a look at their graphic approach.


Kids Alphabet with Star Wars Theme

One of our favorite new phenomenons during the past couple of years has been the creativity of people out there who like to make oddball alphabet graphics.


20 Small Changes That Would Turn Great Ideas Into Disasters

In early drafts of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was known as ‘Luke Starkiller.’ Yeah, it kind of gives you a different mental picture of the man.

But it turns out, many of the staples of our culture were one minor change away from ridiculous disaster.


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