RIAA Targets YouTube Over Leaked Britney Spears Concert

As part of a criminal investigation the RIAA has filed a declaration at a federal court in California to obtain the personal details of one of YouTubes users.

Through the legal action against YouTube, the RIAA hopes to find out more about the person who uploaded a recording of Britney Spears concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.


Sophisticated Cyberattack Targets National Lab in Washington

The website for a national energy laboratory remained offline Wednesday, the aftermath of a cyberattack a spokesman described as sophisticated.


MPAA Anti-Piracy Lobbying Targets FBI, DOJ, ICE, DHS and Biden

MPAA Anti-Piracy Lobbying Targets FBI, DOJ, ICE, DHS and Biden

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James OKeefe Asks Not To Be Taped And Opposes A Law Banning Secret Recordings

Speaking at a Bayshore Tea Party event, Conservative activist James OKeefe who secretly tapes his targets, then heavily edits them selectively, does not want to be taped himself openly by an APP videographer.


Al Qaida seeking smaller targets in U.S.

Officials and counterterrorism experts say the Christmas airline plot and last November’s shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, may have shown Al-Qaida that smaller-scale attacks also can prove unsettling, without the complexity and risk of bigger attempts.