Survey: Texting, Talking While Driving Your Biggest Peeves on The Road

That idiot with the cellphone to his ear slowly cutting across three lanes of traffic to make the turn he missed? Turns out you hate him as much as we do.


Digg Newsroom Beta May Just Be Enough To Regain Relevance

Over the last year since the launch of version 4, Digg has faced challenges in regaining its relevance in social media.

Traffic is down. Users are less active. It has seemed at times as if Digg may go the way of MySpace, Propeller, and Yahoo Buzz “ social sites that were once big news but failed to adapt to a changing social sphere. Today, they launched Digg Newsrooms in limited beta. If its as successful as they hope, it could mark the shif


YouTube responsible for 22% of all mobile bandwidth

Every fourth bit transferred over mobile data networks worldwide is part of a YouTube video: That’s the gist of a new study from network optimization vendor Allot Networks.

The research also shows strong growth for VoIP and IM traffic, albeit on a much smaller level.


Nav System From Toyota Now Alerts Wrong-Direction Driving

You may have tried swimming against the current, but have you ever tried driving against the flow of traffic.

Toyota wants to assure you wont.


“Hardcore hip-hop” group halts major Cali freeway for impromptu concert [w/ vids]

There are plenty of ways to make a name for yourself in the music world.

You could have Kanye West steal the spotlight from you during an awards ceremony, start a blood feud with another group of artist or, if you’re really desperate, stop traffic on a major interstate and force unsuspecting commuters to listen to your questionable lyrics.