Google+ for Android Gets Revamped [PICS]

Google has launched a new version of Google+ for Android, complete with a new look, a new UI and support for Ice Cream Sandwich.


Microsoft: Windows 8 GUI Will Be Just Another App

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky has published an update to the Building Windows 8 blog in which he sheds light on how Windows 8 treats the GUI differently than any previous version of the operating system.

One of the concerns surrounding Windows 8 has been whether or not the operating system’s new ‘Metro’ UI would supplant the more conventional…


Verzo Teases Its First Android Smartphone, Aims for a Late-September Launch

The phone’s called the Kinzo and is slated for a launch in late September.

Verzo’s keeping a tight lid on the specifics for right now, but we know the phone was designed by Novague and it’ll feature its own UI — not in an attempt to be different, it says, but “to get the most from the Android system.”


New HTC Sense UI Wont Work on Older Models, Hardware Reasons

Due to Senses hardware requirements, HTC has announced that it wont be available on older models and only the new ones (Flyer, Evo 3D, Sensation) will support it.


Hootsuite Going Paid; What It Means to the Industry

Hootsuite came to the market with the promise, they are special in many ways.

The revolution Hootsuite brought in the Twitter Ecosystem is great, and they set a high level of expectation in the Twitter users for UI and features. This forced everyone to improve.