VICE asked 4chan’s /b/ to contribute to a story on Anonymous. This is what they got:

We went to looking for the masterminds behind Anonymous, the group credited with sparking the Occupy Wall Street movement.

All we got were these ridiculous comments.


Democratic Wall Street Reformer Targeted In Redistricting… Can Progressive Donors Save Him?

The first major test of the activist progressive fundraising machine for the 2012 elections is developing in North Carolina, where a Republican-engineered redistricting plan will likely pit Democratic Reps.

Brad Miller and David Price against each other. If it survives a civil rights challenge, the redistricting plan would radically change the entire North Carolina political map, with Miller’s seat in the 13th District a prime target.


Ron Paul Defends The 99 Percent: Its A Very Healthy Movement

Though most Republican presidential candidates make a point of trashing the 99 Percent Movement in an attempt to earn favor among far-right voters, Rep.

Ron Paul (R-TX) had kind words for the popular movement recently. During a campaign stop in Concord late last month, Paul was asked for his thoughts about Occupy Wall Street. Unlike […]


The Rev. Madison Shockley: Jesus and the 99 Percent –

Upon serious reflection, the question emerges as to whether the Christian church has a message for OWS or whether the movement has a message for us.

Of course the answer is yes and yes. Occupy Wall Streets message to the church is, If you were doing your job we wouldnt be necessary. The message of the church to OWS is, There is an ally in the liberal progressive Christian community, and not all Christians are on the rig


Faith groups lay out Thanksgiving feast for Occupy protesters | The Raw Story

WASHINGTON ” Protesters from Washingtons two Occupy Wall Street offshoots flocked Wednesday to a church where Abraham Lincoln once worshipped for a Thanksgiving buffet and some robust words of support.

The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church threw open its basement and laid out a spread of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie, plus kosher and vegan options, for the afternoon, with enough on hand to feed 500. Organizing the feast was


Should States Require Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax?

In a Wall Street Journal debate on Internet sales tax, Michael Mazerov argues that requiring online retailers to charge sales tax is only fair, while Steve DelBianco says requiring online retailers to charge sales tax will hurt small business.


Robert Steele OWS Electoral Reform Proposal

Robert Steele presents his proposal to the Occupy Wall Street Electoral Reform Committee.


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