American consumers beginning to favor compact, not midsize cars

In years past Americans spoke with their wallets and opted for midsize sedans more than any other size car “ by a wide margin, but so far in 2011 sales show a major shift in consumer favor.


Infographic: How Mobile Payments Are Changing the World

In the past year, mobile payment systems have picked up steam and are now becoming mainstream.

Could our wallets be replaced one day soon by our smartphones?


Gas Prices Gone Crazy: Thieves Steal Gas By Drilling Into Tanks

Gas prices are rising, and we’re all already feeling it at the pump.

Political instability abroad and economic instability at home seem to be conspiring to suck our wallets dry as fast as our gas tanks.


Plumbers Unions vs. Waterless Urinals

From his point of view, there was a clear explanation for the plumbers resistance: It drained their wallets.

Plumbers dont like the waterless urinal because it cuts down on their work tremendously, he says. Theres no more piping to install, and the urinals have no moving parts to repair.