Watch this idiot father throw a firecracker down a manhole in front of his kids

It went horribly wrong when a father of young children to light a firecracker in a manhole cover in Xiangtan, China.


U.S. Calls Out China and Russia for Cyber Espionage Costing Billions

Hey, China and Russia, get off of our clouds.

That’s the warning from a new U.S. national intelligence director’s report to Congress released Thursday that states China and Russia are the biggest perpetrators of economic espionage through the Internet.


China is now Apple’s second-most important market

China isn’t just the place Apple manufactures products.

It’s now the country delivering the most revenue for them after the U.S. In the most recent quarter, China accounted for 16 percent of the Apple’s sales, and the company says it will continue to increase its presence.


Raccoon dogs skinned alive to make cheap copies of Ugg boots

The original footwear is made from high-quality Australian sheepskin, but this footage shows the brutal treatment of creatures in China whose fur is used to make the fake boots.


Chinese Farmer Constructs Artificial Flying Saucer

A 46-year-old retired farmer in China with only an elementary school education and no mechanical or aeronautical training has dreamt all his life of building his own flying machine.

Today that dream has become a reality for Shu Mansheng, who has successfully completed his first flight as the pilot of a flying saucer he himself built.


The 6 Weirdest Jobs in China

The 6 Weirdest Jobs in China


Saab Files For Bankruptcy Protection; Will China Save The Day?

Saab has had more than its share of troubles the past few years, and the company’s failing finances have been headline fodder for weeks.

So it should come as no surprise that earlier today, the company filed for “voluntary reorganization” with the District Court in V¤nersborg, Sweden.


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