Superyacht Sinks Like a Stone In the Mediterranean

Even the rich are sinking in Europe: the 198-foot (60.2-meter) superyacht Yogi sunk under a Force 8 storm in the Mediterranean Sea on Friday.

This video, just released today, shows the Hellenic Air Force rescuing the passengers in the middle of the gale. Clearly, it’s not a good year for ships.


Just as Greece complies at last, Europe pulls the plug

Officials from the EU and the International Monetary Fund made two grave
errors when they swooped into Greece in mid-2010.

They thought that private industry would muddle through as the state went through the austerity mincer. What the EU-IMF “Troika” did not fully understand is how many firms were really part of the state in disguise.


Dutch Parliament Rejects ACTA On Human Rights Violations

The controversial ACTA treaty is quickly losing support in Europe.

After a handful of countries already backed off last week, The Netherlands and Bulgaria put their decisions of hold today. A majority of the Parliament is against the ratification of ACTA. They only intend to change this position if theres irrefutable evidence that it doesnt […]


Boom time for Afghanistan’s people smugglers

The tide of Afghans leaving for Europe is fuelling a lucrative business in fake passports and Taliban death threats


Custom-Sized Condoms Are Better For Sex But Which Size Are You?

95 sizes.

Ninety-five different combinations of length and girth, people. Ordering these new fitted condoms, now legally available in Europe, using their order printable scale chart is fun.

Source: sized-condoms-are-better-for-sex

BlackBerry outage hits Europe, Middle East, Africa

Canada-based Research in Motion said it was investigating the disruption that has led to many user reports of not being able to receive or send email, or use instant messaging, or being able to browse the Internet.


Will Euro-Squabbles Cripple Cross-Border Electric Car Charging?

And there seems to be a very real chance that Europe is heading toward a variety of multiple and incompatible electric-car charging standards.


Europe Plans 45% Boost To Science Investments, Funded By Slashing Farming Subsidies

Screw austerity: The E.U.’s science spending, which is running at about US$79 billion for the current 2007-2013 period, is getting a boost to $114 billion for 2014-2020.

The E.U.’s proposal recognizes that only by spending money on innovation and future tech can income growth be assured. Apart from this 45%+ boost in science cash, the rest of the E.U.’s roughly trillion-dollar budget remains flat.


Defiant Gadhafi threatens attacks in Europe

A defiant Moammar Gadhafi threatened Friday to carry out attacks in Europe against “homes, offices, families,” unless NATO halts its campaign of airstrikes against his regime in Libya.


PS3 banned in Europe after LG gets temp injunction vs. Sony

Sony encountered a major setback on Monday after LG landed a preliminary injunction banning the PlayStation 3 from sales in Europe.

A civil court in The Hague ruled that any PS3s imported into the continent have to be confiscated by government officials for at least the next 10 days.


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