Dell plots late-2012 consumer tablet launch

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Dell Inc intends to launch its first consumer tablet computer in late 2012, marking its entry into a hotly contested and increasingly crowded arena that has already claimed arch-foe Hewlett Packard.

The once-dominant corporation founded by Michael Dell has seen a growing crop of tablets and smartphones entice consumers away from PCs. But Dell learned from the hastiness of some of its peers and understands better now how cons


DudaMobile Converts Websites To Mobile Sites, Now Right On Your Mobile Phone

Mobile website builder DudaMobile is really eating its own dog food with the launch of its mobile site for its mobile website builder at


Samsung and Google cancel Nexus Prime phone launch – Telegraph

Last-minute cancellation means much-anticipated flagship Google Nexus Prime
will not be launched by Samsung on Tuesday.


Digg Newsroom Beta May Just Be Enough To Regain Relevance

Over the last year since the launch of version 4, Digg has faced challenges in regaining its relevance in social media.

Traffic is down. Users are less active. It has seemed at times as if Digg may go the way of MySpace, Propeller, and Yahoo Buzz “ social sites that were once big news but failed to adapt to a changing social sphere. Today, they launched Digg Newsrooms in limited beta. If its as successful as they hope, it could mark the shif


Verzo Teases Its First Android Smartphone, Aims for a Late-September Launch

The phone’s called the Kinzo and is slated for a launch in late September.

Verzo’s keeping a tight lid on the specifics for right now, but we know the phone was designed by Novague and it’ll feature its own UI — not in an attempt to be different, it says, but “to get the most from the Android system.”


EFF: WSJ and Al-Jazeera Lure Whistleblowers With False Promises of Anonymity

EFFs review of the legal side of these websites doesn’t fare any better.

While some of the more egregious technical problems with SafeHouse have been fixed since its launch, its terms of use haven’t changed. We read through the Terms of Service for both SafeHouse and AJTU (pdf). Don’t fall for the false promises of anonymity offered by these sites. Here’s what you should know


Alice: Madness Returns – Launch Trailer

Take an unforgettable journey down the rabbit hole and leave sanity behind.


Is Colors Team Worth $41M, Even if Its Idea Isnt?

The launch of a new mobile app called Color on Wednesday has caused a lot of buzz ” not so much because of the app itself, but because of the massive sum of money the company raised before it even launched: a group of funds including Sequoia Capital gave the company $41 million, and Sequoias chunk (as Color proudly noted) is more than the fund invested in Google.


Nintendo 3DS Hacked One Day After Japanese Launch

The Nintendo 3DS, which sold over 400,000 units during its initial launch in Japan, has already been hacked to play pirated games off an R4 card.

The video below shows off the Nintendo 3DS playing…


Google to Launch Groupon Competitor

Google is preparing launch Google Offers, the search giant’s Groupon competitor, Mashable has learned.

We have the documents to prove it.


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