Hands-On and In-Depth with Samsung’s Galaxy Note: Phone? Tablet? You Decide

Is it a small tablet or a big smartphone? That seems to be the debate regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note.

All in all, the Galaxy Note’s standout feature, its large, 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display, is a bit of a double-edged sword.


Samsung Learning Hub coming to tablets, smartphones

Samsung launched Learning Hub, providing users with access to 6,000 textbooks and video lectures from 30 different content providers.


Samsung working on Galaxy phone with edge-to-edge display?

Samsung is rumored to be working on a new Galaxy B device that would ditch the bezel in favor of a gorgeous edge-to-edge display.


Apple beating Samsung on its home turf as the iPad passes 1 million sales in Korea

Apple has reached 1 million iPad sales in Korea with a market share of around 70 percent, well ahead of Samsung and its Tab tablets.


Samsung Galaxy Note starts the tablet/smartphone hybrid race

Those of us at CES know have seen a million gadgets and gizmos in the last few hours.

Weve seen cool booths, inventive advertisements, and enough touchscreens to make our fingers bleed. There are many standouts at the show, one of which being the Samsung Galaxy Note.


Google TVs second wind: New devices coming from LG, Samsung, Vizio and Sony

As expected, Google TV will get a big shot in the arm at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Samsung Demands Apple iPhone 4S Source Code

Although Samsung is still into parts supply deals with Apple, it appears like the legal struggles between the two electronics giants are not going to end in the near future.

Samsung has come out with their latest demand, the iPhone 4S source code.


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