Income inequality is bad for rich people too

Japan, which made a conscious decision to impose the costs of its post bubble hangover on all members of society to preserve stability, has gotten through its lost two decades with remarkable grace.

The US seems to be implementing the polar opposite playbook, and there are good reasons to think the outcome of this experiment will be ugly indeed.



Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent

The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent, The Hangover II tops the chart this week, followed by Unknown.

Hall Pass completes the top three.


Full Hangover Part II Trailer Arrives And Brings The Party To Bangkok

Heres whats up according to the trailer: This time Stu is the one getting married and the boys go partying, only to wake up in a disgusting hotel room with no memory of what happened the night before.

Theyve lost someone (someone different this time) and they set out to find him. Thats also the plot of the first movie, except this time it takes place in Bangkok and theres a monkey. Good.


Five Reasons Women Date Chubsters

We end up in the friend zone more often than not.

Then 2009 happened. All of a sudden chicks are coming up to us and saying, “Oh my god, you look like the guy from The Hangover.” And boom, pants off.